5 Tips to guarantee baking success

With a hint of cheeky, a lot of honesty and some laughs along the way, you're invited to explore our blog and learn more about creating extra special baking moments at your place. Here are our 5 top tips for ensuring baking success every time!

1. Read the Recipe
Although this might sound strange it’s actually important that you read the recipe through from start to finish. A recipe is like an instruction manual and it tells you what to do, so if it tells you to pre-heat your oven, then pre -heat your oven. If you need butter and eggs at room temperature, then that is what you need to do.Every step plays an important role in the final outcome.

2. Room Temperature
When we mix ingredients together in cake batters or doughs, such as the creaming method we want them to mix together completely. This combining of ingredients is called an emulsion. This emulsion traps air which expands in the oven when baked.  Ingredients bond together very easily when at room temperature creating a smooth and evenly textured batter with lots of air incorporated resulting in a perfect end product. Cold ingredients do not emulsify at all resulting in failure.

3. Understand the Science
Baking is a Science as well as an Art and the key to better baking is to understand the chemical forces at play. Butter, sugar, and eggs along with flour and raising agents are essential ingredients in baking and as mentioned above when used in the correct quantities at the correct temperature they will produce a perfectly light moist evenly textured end product.

4. Be Organised
Being organised is important when baking. All ingredients must be combined in the right way way, at the right time and often at the right temperature. You need be considering what needs to be done in advance so that you have everything to hand right when you need it. If you have to stop mid way through the recipe to chop chocolate or melt butter, it really can affect the final outcome.

5. Measure and Weigh accurately
One of the most important steps when baking is measuring ingredients properly. The slightest miscalculation could spell disaster.

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