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Gingerbread House Baking Kit

Gingerbread houses first originated in Germany in the 1800's supposedly popularised by the Hansel and Gretal fairy tale. Inspired by the story,German bakers began to craft small houses from spiced honey biscuits.These became popular during Christmas and is now a tradition that has spread around the world. Each country has its own distinctive style and flavour. Did you know the word "gingerbread" derives from the old French word "gingerbras" meaning "preserved ginger". Making your own gingerbread house and creating a Christmas tradition has never been easier to do with our version of this delicious treat.  Watch this:

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Welcome to our society, The Cake Society. Here we celebrate family, creativity, and community, and enjoy developing our beautiful baking mixes for homes all over New Zealand. These boxes help create fun family experiences, are a beautiful gift, and make a great little treat for everyone. Each pack has the dry ingredients needed to bring out the joy of baking, and successfully create goodies you can be proud to share with everyone. From our market stalls in Arrowtown we have learnt a lot over the last few years of selling our popular cake and Biscuit mixes. We have developed a well-loved range of delicious creations you can make at home. High quality ingredients with no nasties, sustainable packaging, and simple...

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5 Tips to guarantee baking success

With a hint of cheeky, a lot of honesty and some laughs along the way, you're invited to explore our blog and learn more about creating extra special baking moments at your place. Here are our 5 top tips for ensuring baking success every time! 1. Read the Recipe Although this might sound strange it’s actually important that you read the recipe through from start to finish. A recipe is like an instruction manual and it tells you what to do, so if it tells you to pre-heat your oven, then pre -heat your oven. If you need butter and eggs at room temperature, then that is what you need to do.Every step plays an important role in the final...

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